HELLASP - Hellenic Aspis & Associates Inc. - World Foundation for Peace & Security - by Admiral Peter Kikareas








Mission Statement

The President's vision is to create a Strong Presence and Capabilities internationaly, which should also include Strategic Studies; Defense and Security Services and Systems; International affair studies; analysis and support for better solutions; Command Control Communication Computer and Intelligence; Systems and Services; Hardware and Software products and support; Crisis management systems; Risk analysis and risk protection and support.

This Incorporation, while embracing all the different aspects concerning Security and Defense, will be focusing on World-Wide Peace, Security and World stabilization and understanding.

To achieve its services, the company has already participated very actively in the preparation of Security of the Olympic games in Athens 2004. The Company has submitted a number of Crisis Management Proposals starting from Greece. The original study is a model which can be easily tailored to any other case. It has made strong co-operations and alliances worldwide, and formed great consortiums, which participated in huge international bids.

HELLENIC ASPIS & ASSOCIATES Inc. has also Created Foundations in Greece and Internationally, worked and submitted proposals to the United Nations and is working intensively to support the Establishment of Peace and Prosperity among all the Nations.

HELLENIC ASPIS & ASSOCIATES Inc. is always willing to co-operate with International Peace Organizations and High-Tec Reputable Companies and Agencies Active in all the above-mentioned areas worldwide. We are always ready to study any serious Proposals, to co-operate with real Experts in the above areas, and to employ high expertise personnel that is capable of fulfilling the above tasks.

To offer your support towards the establishment and development of this so needed Worldwide Agency and Movement, please contact the President, Admiral P. Kikareas.


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