HELLASP - Hellenic Aspis & Associates Inc. - World Foundation for Peace & Security - by Admiral Peter Kikareas








General Services

Strategic studies
  • For defense
  • For security
  • For International Affairs and Relations
  • For a company's cost-effective future development and planning

Defense and Security Services and Systems

  • Threat Assessment
  • Operational Requirements
  • Existing Vulnerability tests
  • Proposed Systems, Equipments, and Software
  • Training
  • Procurement
  • Maintenance of Hardware, Software, and Training.
  • Systems Maintenance and Upgrades
  • Personnel Training
  • Ports Security and Defense.
  • Airports Security and Defense, and protection by any kind of threat
  • Campuses and Buildings Security and protection by any kind of threat.
  • Area Security and Defense and protection by any kind of threat.
  • Countries Security and Defense analysis and assistance for enhanced capabilities.
  • Intelligence Systems and support.

Command control communication computer and intelligence systems

  • Operational requirements
  • Systems design
  • World market research
  • Request for proposal if a bid is required
  • Systems evaluation
  • Systems installations and specification control
  • Systems interoperability
  • Simulation systems for training and operational planning support
  • Personnel technical training for systems operation and maintenance
  • Computer assisted exercises and technical operational support
  • Design and creation of Crisis Management Centers
  • Computer information systems
  • Communication systems
  • Intelligence systems and requirements design and support.

Business Management Consultation and Financial Support.

  • Business Functional Studies
  • Business Cost Effective Studies
  • Business Management Studies
  • Corporate Strategic Business plans
  • Business Functional Study
  • Business Cost Effective Study
  • Business Organization Study
  • Corporate Strategic Business plan
  • Business Consultation Case Studies.
  • Business Financial Support


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