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International Foundation For Peace And Security

foundation for peace and security It is a life-long vision of the President of the Hellenic Aspis & Associates Inc. Admiral P. Kikareas H.N. (ret), to create and establish an International Foundation and also an Institute/University, for the assistance of the countries to find the best ways and discover the real causes which will lead the Humanity in living in a Safe and Creative and Prosperous environment.

This non-profit Foundation for Worldwide Peace and Security has been created and started its volunteering work since 2001 as a Branch of HELLENIC ASPIS &ASSOCIATES INC. Admiral P.Kikareas (ret) Ph .D worked hard for securing the Olympic Games in Athens and resigned from any profits of the Hellenic Aspis & Associates Inc. spending from his limited resources.

A little time before and during the Olympic Games he send press releases by his own initiative, To all Governments, UN, NATO, Media, Population of the World, and touched their hearts as a World Ambassador for Peace & Security. The people who really understand the sincere communicator's voice, which comes with passion and care from the depth of his heart as he cares for all human beings, re-acted very positively and we heard Leaders to give orders to diversity groups not to harm the Olympic Games.

Indeed, no one tried to harm anyone, and at the Olympic Games Closing Ceremony, we watched through the Media, the Olympic Athletes to merge with the crowds and have a fiesta, it was so magnificent.

Now at this stage of world de-stabilization we request your help and permission, your recognition and assistance to act again and communicate, create, act as appropriate for helping the light to come into the hearts of all people, Governments and World Leaders, for being saved from a Huge Catastrophic Disaster which is approaching.

Unfortunately crisis management is too difficult, and crisis has been escalated too much, we ask that all parts think about what is the worst case scenario, and kill the Lion inside themselves, and step backwards, in order the sun to shine again.

Nations must be protected, secured and fortified by treaties and agreements, and should possess all necessary means to protect their citizens from criminals and terrorists that threaten their lives, and do not permit to the majority of innocents to enjoy a life of freedom, peace, prosperity and joy.

Towards these aims, the Foundation will organize relevant Conferences, round-table discussions and seminars, and will try to brink together different ideas for discussion in order to promote the understanding that only by accepting their differences and by finding fair solutions to their problems, will nations enjoy prosperity, peace and happiness. We must try to forget the past and build a better and safer world on a new basis, a world where each person will be able to feel safe and protected.

Studies, social events, conferences and seminars will take place on a round-the-year program, and it is our belief that, given support by the Governments and Leaders of the nations, something very promising will emerge from that. One has to remember that, historically, all great events that have shaped political systems; the philosophies behind them; religions' extreme points and relations among countries and people; events that brought along new periods of rebirth and development, and a flourishing of the arts and sciences and events that narrowed the gaps of misunderstandings, all started from a small number of individuals who believed in these gifts, and with the support of bright leaders managed to change the flow of the river.

It is up to you to offer a little of your time and support to this Foundation, thus helping it survive. With your support, we will be able to change the black destiny that all extremes bring to our lives. This message is sent worldwide, to all Governments, Foundations, Agencies, Organizations, big Enterprises and Companies, and every individual who pains and hopes for a better future and better life on earth.

Our Foundation is your Foundation; we don't want to belong to anyone; Country or movement, we belong to the Peace and Security of Humanity. Your help and participation on this movement will certainly help bring results. If you wish to assist or participate in any way, please contact us.


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