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To the Governments of all Nations, the United Nations, NATO

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are in a very critical point that could be very easily become a historical event of the century if the following good-will scenario happens: The Olympic Games in their Home Country, Athens Greece, to be attended by the Governments, or their highest level representatives of all nations of the world, and also the U.N and NATO.

Through the media, people from around the world, will be able to see all their leaders or high governmental representatives watching the games peacefully, without any political discussions, and all of them together to have a drink, for this opportunity.

What an amazing event! How many hopes and inspirations will emerge in their hearts! As well as of all the people of the World to see that happening!

This Spirit of the Olympic Games would be so powerful and would serve the main idea of the Games, which is not only to have new Olympic Records and Fiestas, but to maintain a Worldwide Communication, out of any existing problem and idea.

I invite all of you to take action and make this miracle happen. Do it and believe me, all the people of the world will be rewarded.

Admiral P. Kikareas (retired) H.N., Ph.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer



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