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Admiral P.Kikareas H.N (ret), PhD

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Personal Information
Date/Place of Birth 18 December 1943, Itilo, Laconia, Hellas.
Family Status Married, father of two
Profile Status
  • Flag Officer, Hellenic Navy (HN).
  • Admiral HN.
  • Operations, Intelligence, Defence, NATO Hellas National Representative.
  • Operational Research Analyst, MSc. PhD.
  • Creator, Founder and first Director of the Modelling, Simulation and War Games Centre of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (HNDGS).
  • Father, first designer and project Manager for the automated C4I systems of the Hellenic Navy.
  • Strategic Analysis and Strategic Studies Expert.
  • Broad expertise in Operational Planning. Ex-Director of Operational Planning Section of Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe.
  • Retired April 1st 1999.
  • Grand Master and Teacher of the Gospel for the Christian Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and all Africa established in 56 AC
  • Founder and Creator of the Patriarchate Foundations for assisting all scopes and missions of the Patriarchate in Africa and worldwide; General Manager and CFO.
  • Owner and Managing Director of ASPIS International Agents.
  • Vice President of Rolands and Associates Corp. California USA for Athens Operations.
  • Security Consultant (ASIS Member).
  • International Business Consultant.
  • Financial and Insurance Consultant.
  • Real Estate Analyser for developing, investing and life improving.
  • President of the Brotherhood of direct ascendants of the Last Emperor of Byzantine Empire David Comninos (Great Prince).
  • Hellenic Aspis & Associates Inc. (Florida, USA CORPORATION), President and CEO, Founder and creator (www.hellasp.com}.
  • Peter's Enterprises Inc (Nevada, USA Inc.), President and CEO
  • Foundation for worldwide Peace and Security Inc (Nevada, USA Inc.), President and CEO.
  • Global Development and Investments Limited Chairman and CEO
Graduate Education
  • Graduate education at the Hellenic Naval Academy (HNA).
  • Four years studies for becoming a career Officer of the Hellenic Navy.
  • Honour's Degree throughout his studies, he graduated first among his colleagues and the four years of the classes.
  • BSc in Management and Marine studies.
Post-graduate Education
  • Post-graduate military general education for Line Officers
  • Naval War College for Junior Officers. Honour's Degree, he graduated first among his colleagues.
  • Post-graduate education in Canfield Institute of Technology, England, in Operational Analysis. MSc Degree.
  • Thesis by Research for the Rolls-Royce company. Performed a statistical approach for evaluating the on-condition maintenance techniques for the RB-211 engine of the turbo jet aircraft. According to the company, "the results opened up new avenues for research", and proved to be extremely useful.
1980-81 Post-graduate education in Management, Strategic and Operational Planning in the Naval War College for Senior Officers.
1999-2001 Received a Doctoral of Philosophy Degree in Business Management by the Wexford University of Switzerland
Throughout his career Passed many courses of Naval tactics in the school of Naval Tactics and the Automated Systems Tactical trainer. Also passed many Intelligence courses in Greece and NATO.
Naval and Command Experience
  • Line Officer in various types of warships.
  • Executive Officer on Patrol Boats, Fast Patrol Boats (FPBs), Fast Patrol Boats Guided Missiles (FPBGs).
  • Commanding Officer of Mine sweeper.
  • Commander of Mine Sweepers squadron.
  • Served in the 6th US Fleet, on board USS Goodrich, Destroyer-Radar Picket for three months.
1975-77 Commanding Officer of Fast Patrol Boats (FPBs).
1977-78 Executive Officer on Open Sea Destroyer.
1980-81 Commanding Officer of Fast Patrol Boat Guided Missile.
1981-85 Director of Operational Planning and Intelligence for the Hellenic Fleet Command.
1985-87 Commanding Officer of Escort Destroyer and Open Sea Destroyer Guided Missiles. Commander of 3rd Destroyer's Division of the Hellenic Fleet.
1987-88 Chief of Staff at the Hellenic Fleet Destroyer's and Frigate's Command.
1990-91 Hellenic Fleet Commander's Division Chief for Ops, Coms, Intel, and War Planning of the Hellenic Fleet Command.
1991-92 Commander of the School of Training in Naval Tactics, Coms, and Intel of the Hellenic Fleet Officers and Commanders.
Commander of the Automated Naval Battle Systems Computer's Simulation Center.
1992-93 Deputy Commander of the Hellenic Naval Academy.
1994-99 Director of the Programme for introducing the War Games by Modeling and Computer Simulation in the Hellenic Armed Forces. Creator and first Director of Modeling War Games Computer Simulation Center of Hellenic National Defense General Staff.
Experience on Study and Development of Major Systems
1978-80 Hellenic Naval General Staff, Section Chief for the development and implementation study of the Hellenic Navy Command, Control, Communication, Intelligence and Information systems for Naval Operations. His team included four MITRE USA Corp Engineers. He was the first to design the automated Command Control Communication Intelligence and Computers automated system for Naval Operations.
1994-99 Responsible for the study and development of Wargames and Computer Assisted Exercises for the three branches (Army, Navy, Air Force) of Hellenic National Defence General Staff (HNDGS), Director of HNDGS Wargames Department.
He designed, organised, built and developed the first War Games and Simulation Centre of National Defence of Greece for the Ministry of Defence, receiving written honours of Acknowledgement from the Chief of the Hellenic Defence General Staff for his services.
1999-2001 Vice President of Rolands&Associates Corp. He assisted the Armed Forces in Computer Assisted Exercises and Simulations.
He created an internationally original study regarding Crisis Management in Peace time, prior to a war and during a war. Also, he submitted a full proposal for these to the Hellenic Ministry of Defense.
2000-2003 He submitted a Security proposal covering the entire scale of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games (part of this core for the REP for the international bid for the Consortium to be selected to take over the Security preparations for the Olympic Games).
He is consulting the Greek Government in the preparation for the Security of the Athens 2003 Olympic Games. He created the Hellenic Aspis & Associates Inc. - registered in Florida USA - and worked very closely with the US embassy in Athens, and the USA Society for Industrial Security; as well as with the Association for Industrial Security International, creating Consortia and bringing US; European and other countires' companies and know-how to Greece, in preparation for the Olympic Games.
He has visualised and got approval for creating a new template for promoting understanding between people and nations, under the umbrella of Hellenic Aspis & Associates Inc. and the FOundation for Worldwide Peace and Security Inc.
Managerial Experience of Higher Command
  • Commanding Officer of Patrol Boats, Fast Patrol Boats (FPBs), Fast Patrol Boats Guided Missiles (FPBGs), Mine Sweeper, Escort Destroyer and Open Sea Destroyer Guided Missile.
  • Commander of Destroyers Division.
  • Chief of Staff at Hellenic Destroyer and Frigate Command.
  • Director of Operational Planning and Fleet Exercises.
  • Director of Fleet Ops branch.
  • Commanding Officer of the School of Naval Tactics.
  • Commanding Officer of the Hellenic Navy Centre for Automated Combat Systems and Computer Simulation.
  • Deputy Commanding Officer of the Hellenic Naval Academy.
  • Founder and Director of the Hellenic Armed Forces Modelling and War Games Simulation Centre
Managerial Experience of Higher Command Abroad
1970-71 Executive Officer of the HN Committee responsible for receiving a new Fast Patrol Boat Guided Missile from France, Cherbourg.
1988-90 Section Chief of Operational/War Planning for the four branches (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corp) of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE).
1995-99 National Representative, first to the Scientific Committee of the SHAPE Technical Centre (Steering Committee), and then to the NATO Command Control and Consultation Center.
Teaching Experience
1977-81 Scientific advisor for the Chair of Operational Research of the National Metsovian University of Athens.
1991-92 Director of the School of Naval Tactics, Plans and Intelligence
Throughout his career Various lectures on Systems and Management of the Naval War College.
Areas of Specialisation
  • Involvement in Defense and Security matters of all kinds and scales.
  • Armaments Defence and Security Executive Director for planning and selecting the best weapon platforms, systems and equipment for a country to defend its area, secure its homeland, and succeed in the Operational and International Relations scopes of its Government.
  • Management, Strategic Studies and Operational Planning for Defense, Security and Intelligence Organisation and Management.
  • War Games and decision-making.
  • Computer Modelling and Simulation.
  • Command Control Communication Computer and Intelligence Systems.
  • Simulation and Crisis Management Systems organisation and handling.
  • Financial support, Assets Management, international financing and trading.
  • Human communication, government and international affairs, Negotiating, Psychology, Simulation and Crisis Management.
Awards and Decorations
    His awards and decorations include the following:
  • the Knight's Supreme Commander's Cross of the Order of Phoenix
  • the Knight Commander's Cross of Phoenix,
  • the Knight Commander's Cross of the Order of Honour,
  • the Medal for Military Merit, A' Class,
  • the Golden Medal of St. Theodora,
  • the Golden Cross of Evangelist Mark,
  • the Golden Medal of Alexander the Great,
  • the Navy Meritorious Command Medal, A' Class and
  • the Staff Officer Commendation Medal, B' Class.
  • Honourable Life President of the Brotherhood of the decedents (direct lineage coming straight from father to son) of the last Emperor of the Byzantine Empire (Great Prince)
Management Background
  • Great experience in managing and creating large complicated and high-tech programmes and projects; especially in the Security and Defense areas.
  • Unique experience in creating and managing Crisis Management programmes and Centres.
  • Great ability in analysis and management of any kind of situation. Solution of problematic situations will arise through the creation of new visions - original, simple and unique - that will lead to the emergence of those new systems which will assist in resolving the situation.
  • Great experience in restructuring, optimising and managing Command Control Communication Intelligence and Computer systems.
  • Great ability in:
    • Organising, directing and growing a big enterprise.
    • Understanding the weaknesses and areas to be improved in any enterprise.
    • Making the necessary co-operations for increasing the business of any enterprise.
  • Excellent connections for financial investments in the primary World Wide trade market, and Banking Areas
  • Great ability in Business Management.
  • Ample experience in public relations and business dealings; and in supervising nets teamwork in all areas of Business.
  • Ample experience of higher consultation of the owner of big enterprises in all areas of interest.
  • Great connections and abilities in the worldwide financial systems for asset management and investments in the primary world-wide trade market.
  • Great ability in business management.
Personal Interests - Memberships
  • Reading, photography, classical music, music, sailing, travelling.
  • Member of ASIS International (American Society of Industrial Security Inter.).
  • Member of the Operational Research Society of England.
  • Member of the Hellenic Society of Operational Research.
  • Member of the Chapter of Economy in Greece.
  • Member of the Yachting Club of Greece (YCG).

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