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Distant learning

Distant learning is a very useful method for learning that can be used at all levels of education. The continuous and life-long education helps every professional in his/her career and tends to become almost compulsory.

As a company, we have developed the platform, e-situ, which is successfully used by the Pedagogical Institute of the Ministry of Education for distant learning for counselors of career guidance in terms of new subjects and training.

For more information, you can visit the e-situ website.

EKEPIS accreditation

Istomedia has experience in the training of people who are interested in new technologies and web development. We have therefore obtained the accreditation of EKEPIS, which is the official public accreditation body.

We have also taught on a frequent basis in different KEKs various subjects, all centred around new technologies, such as the role of the Internet in tourism professions, the promotion of products and services through the Internet and the teaching of basic abilities regarding web development.