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I was lucky enough to have found Istomedia & Nicholas to work with since their professionalism and accuracy are one of a kind! Thanks and keep up the great work!

Manos Dafermos

CEO, CreteVillas4U

Nicholas is by far one of the most talented writers I have ever worked with! He creates true content masterpieces that eat up the competition alive… I have tested countless writers in the past month and can confidently say that Nicholas is one of the best in his class. He provides a perfect combination of outstanding research, an exciting writing style, and flawless SEO knowledge. On top of that, you can find little details with super interesting facts everywhere in his work. Overall, you can really see that Nicholas loves his craft. Thank you for the great experience!

Yves Lummer

CEO, Bookbird

I am so glad I found someone who doesn’t just care about the articles but also about the subject matter and delivering the best experience for anyone who finds the site. Nicholas, I love how knowledgeable you already are about topics I send over! I wish I could find someone like you for all my niches!!

Paul Bryant

CEO, Cubed Media

I can’t thank you enough for your professional work and speedy help. We couldn’t have done it so well and fast without you!
Helena Androutsou

Communications Manager, Zeus Capital Managers

Once again, many thanks for your patience with our demands and for the great quality of the finished product, which makes us proud for the services you allow us to offer our students.
Vasilis Pavlopoulos

Lecturer, University of Athens

Congratulations, and thank you for the wonderful collaboration and excellent result!
Ilia Condou

KTM Hellas

Since Istomedia redesigned our website, our sales have increased considerably and we are steadily obtaining a far greater number of higher value orders.
Peter Close

Owner, Scalewatcher

We all know that the most difficult journey is creating from the complicated to simplicity. After many months of hard work, input, insider know-how and talent, I have to say to say to all you, how happy I am with the end result. Thank you. As this is, a new departure for more journey’s together, I am counting on bothering you to nourish further this super cool and vibrant site.
Nico Manessis

Wine commentator, owner, Greek Wine World

When collaborating with a web design or IT company, one does not expect the friendly approach and great flexibility offered by istomedia. Having been in the past a client of some of the biggest advertising companies, we have been won over by Istomedia’s promptness, creativity and consistently high standards. This is further proved by the rapid increase in our website’s popularity, following its redesign by istomedia. Our successful collaboration dates from 2001 and has widened to include an e-newsletter, advertising banners, weekly and monthly log analyses etc.
Daphne Fountoukakou

Quality Manager, SBIE

They create a friendly environment, and achieve perfect communication. They are always trustworthy, extremely easy to work with and, of course, very creative.
Natassa Tsirikou

IST / University of Hertfordshire

Istomedia’s professional experience guarantees effective and elegant solutions, from the development of a simple company presentation to complex applications. Their personal involvement with the client ensures client needs will be met and surpassed, as well as a pleasant collaboration. Finally, they are always aware of the latest technological developments, whether in Internet technology or in the development of database systems.
H. Filippopoulos

Owner, Process Engineering Solutions