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Terms and Conditions

Upon acceptance of our offer, clients agree to the following:

Our company is responsible for the development of all the programming required for the proper operation of the website. If the client requires us to work with a third party during the development, we do not have any responsibility for the work of these third parties, nor for any malfunctions in the website that may be caused by them or their actions. We also have the right to demand extra payment if collaboration with third parties renders our work more difficult.

Although every possible attempt will be made for the website to show properly in the majority of computers, the client understand and accepts that, for reasons dues to this particular technology, it is possible that in some cases, some or all pages will not be shown properly or at all on some computers, mobile phones, and/or browsers. Our responsibilities are limited by the nature of the technology used and therefore we do not bear any responsibility for problems that occur due to this failure, nor do we offer any guarantee regarding the operation of any application, its quality or function on computers that do not support the technologies used for development.

Our company is not responsible for any problems that might occur as a result of acts of the client or their ISP or for any changes that have been performed without our consent by the client, the ISP or any third party on the files that we have delivered. Our responsibility ends with the delivery of the programming code to the client unless there is written agreement regarding extra services. In particular, we are not responsible for the maintenance, setting up of the pages on the chosen server or any other service apart for the development of the website. Moreover, hosting of the website if not our responsibility, unless it is part of our offer.

Our company bears no responsibility regarding the loss of data or the malfunction that is caused by the use of our programming code. In any case, our responsibility towards our clients, in any case of malfunction or problem is limited to the amount of € 100.

The client retains the right, following the delivery of the website and its acceptance, to demand changes in the programming and/or design if he/she thinks that the website does not respond to their needs and/or expectations. In any case, these changes cannot be considered as part of our previous engagement, if the client has initially agreed to the design and programming code. Therefore, we reserve the right to charge extra for the services that will be required beyond our initial offer.

Our company is responsible for presenting and explaining proper functioning of the website, as described by our offer. Our company is not responsible for teaching the use of the Internet or computing to the client. In case the client requires extra teaching regarding the use of the website, the Internet or any other service beyond our initial offer, we have the right to demand extra payment, starting from € 20 per teaching hour.

In case our collaboration with a client is interrupted and terminated for whatever reason during development, the client will pay for the work done up until the end of the collaboration.

The client is exclusively responsible for the content of their website and/or e-shop.

When it comes to technical decisions, we reserve the right to have the final say.

In case there is no written offer or the written offer does not include any terms, it is assumed that the terms presented here have been read and agreed upon by the client. Terms included in our offer supersede those mentioned here.


Charging fees are based on deliverables, plus a 30-50% advance payment. Websites may only be published online after at least 50% of the payment has been received.

Guarantee and maintenance

For websites and e-shops, there is a three-month warranty from delivery. The warranty covers bugs which we correct for free as long as it is our fault.

Maintenance covers structural changes—for instance, a new page to be added ex-post following the client’s request. Maintenance also covers the update of plugins, theme, and WordPress edition. This is crucial, not only because of security concerns, but also because automatic updates may cause the website to crash or not be displayed correctly.

Technical support (for example, a contact form malfunctions) is performed by us, while client support (for instance, late delivery of products due to post problems) by the client.


The programming code that we develop belongs exclusively to us and our company retains the right to use it in future projects. Any data contained in a website or electronic presentation, including the data in databases, belong exclusively to the client and is the sole responsibility of the client.