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Our philosophy

All modern management books are filled with terms like synergy, focus groups and brands.

Our philosophy is much simpler than all that. We believe in omakase (oh-maw-kaw-say).


Anyone ordering in Japan may ask for an omakase menu. This is roughly translated as “I trust you”.

The omakase concept is simple. The sushi chef examines the customer, trying to understand what they would enjoy. He will then factor in the various ingredients at his disposal, and a general idea of the ideal menu will start emerging. Throughout the meal, the chef will beĀ observing the customer’s reactions, and constantly adapt the menu, in order to ensure the customer’s full satisfaction.

Although the service is normally charged at a fixed price, a customer is more than welcome to specify the amount he is willing to pay.Omakase’s secret is not in the cost, but in the trust placed by both customer and chef in the latter’s abilities.

All a chef has to offer is his reputation, experience and promise to do all he can to ensure an ideal experience. Arrogance has no place in a situation where the sole priority is the customer’s satisfaction. At the same time, the customer realises that the only way to fully benefit from the chef’s abilities is to trust his experience and knowledge.

For us, omakase is the secret of a great collaboration.