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Admiral P.Kikareas Urges World Leaders to Consider The Oath of Alexander the Great

World leaders attached to their own agenda, terrorists with fanatical theologies of hate and the feeders of these groups have placed the world in a critical situation, which if not stopped immediately, is more than likely to lead to a catastrophic world war. Admiral P. Kikareas, president of the World Foundation for Peace & Security and a well-known crisis management expert, says that the world is in a SOS situation and seriously orchestrated actions must be taken immediately to avoid the worst case scenario, World War III.

Press Release, August 4, 2007

The World Foundation for Peace & Security, President Admiral P. Kikareas, announced today that "The Oath of Alexander the Great" provides many hints for a united world and a human brotherhood to be established. He asks world leaders to consider this oath, rather than personal agendas.

"This is really very sad what is happening these years," Kikareas said. "There are extremist groups, terrorists with theologies of hate and countries with only national interests without care and sacrifice. There are politicians whose only main target is how to be re-elected. There are Jihad theories with great misunderstandings and without any respect for life. Militia armies are acting like the old pirates not obeying to their government and killing without mercy. Proxy armies inside sovereign countries are fully armed and funded by other sovereign countries.

"We live in a world without stabilization, with no international law to be implemented and followed. This why in my previous press releases I wrote about the 'human brotherhood' and how a third world war is inevitable. We need a charismatic personality to take over and cut with his sword the Gordios DESMOS, bring all countries together and at the end, give the oath that he gave."

The Oath of Alexander the Great:

"It is my wish, now that wars are coming to an end, that you should all be happy in peace. From now on, let all mortals live as one people, in fellowship, for the good of all. See the whole world as your homeland, with laws common to all, where the best will govern regardless of their race. Unlike the narrowminded, I make no distinction between Greeks and barbarians. The origin of citizens, or the race into which they were born, is of no concern to me. I have only one criterion by which to distinguish them: virtue.

"For me, any good foreigner is a Greek and any bad Greek is worse than a barbarian. If disputes ever occur among you, you will not resort to weapons but will solve them in peace. if need be, I shall arbitrate between you. See God not as an autocratic despot, but as the common father of all and thus your conduct will be like the lives of brothers within the same family. I, on my part, see you all as equal, whether you are white or dark-skinned. And I should like you not simply to be subjects of my commonwealth, but members of it, partners of it. To the best of my ability, I shall strive to do what I have promised. Keep as a symbol of love this oath which we have taken tonight with our libations."

"Were these people, 2,500 ago, better than we are now?" Kikareas asks. "Can we not agree on something like that? Can we not stop killing each other and not stop caring for our brothers and sisters worldwide?"

Kikareas asks the leaders of the nations worldwide to consider the above and understand that humanity is very close to the most major catastrophe that has ever happened if people don't become fellows, associates and partners for a unique united world to live.

About The World Foundation for Peace & Security

The World Foundation for Peace & Security is a branch of Hellenic Aspis & Associates Inc. The scope and mission of Hellenic Aspis & Associates Inc. was set forth by President Admiral P. Kikareas. His strong will to serve world security and peace led him to create the World Foundation for Peace and Security; a non-profit organization that aims to assist countries in finding the best ways to build a safe, creative and prosperous environment for the entire mankind to live in.

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