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Social media promotion

What is the best way to use social media? This may sound like a simple question (e.g. “make a Facebook page”) but, in truth, a company’s choices are ever increasing. Buddy Media has created this image to highlight some of the available choices (you may click on the image to enlarge it, but it will hardly make it less confusing!)

The “explosion” in social media we are witnessing demonstrates how important it is for a company to have the right person helping them navigate these confusing waters. Istomedia has already helped a number of companies worldwide increase their profits by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by social media.

Furthermore, company owner, Nicholas Rossis, Ph.D., is also an established author with 16 published titles, which he has successfully been promoting for years (most of these have repeatedly reached #1 on Amazon). This has helped with our specialization in both book promotion services and copywriting projects.

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