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COMET content management

Content Management (CM) concerns clients that have constantly changing products or services and who are particularly worried about security. In this case, maintenance of the website may be done by an employee of the company without our intervention. For the maintenance of such a website, we have developed¬†COMET (COntent Management E-Tool), an easy-to-use, highly customizable environment, which allows the easy and fast maintenance of a website’s content. COMET has been developed especially for those with no programming training and with basic computer knowledge, and allows the simple pasting of text from any word processor (e.g. MS Word).

Originally known simply as “control panel”, this highly sophisticated application is already used in demanding applications like Ministry of Development’s EPAN II portal, Ministry of Culture’s Musical Dialogues and Museum of Democracy websites, and private clients like KTM, among others.

Now in its fifth incarnation, COMET features many new capabilities, including e-commerce support.