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Remote work sounds like a dream, sipping coffee outdoors in a tropical paradise. While the reality of remote work might be a bit different than the dream, it does have its perks. These perks are especially rewarding if you are a tech worker or aspiring to be one. Twitter has led the charge for promoting a decentralized office where workers report from home; tech companies are joining the non-office culture. Salaries for tech workers have increased in the past two years to be one of the highest-paid industries. Wages will likely remain above average for tech companies, even if their offices go away.

Although tech salaries are on the rise, not all companies have been doing so well during the coronavirus epidemic. Airbnb, Uber, and Lyft, well-known names that just went public, have laid off thousands of workers as the hospitality and transportation industries all but shut down. These setbacks to innovational companies are only temporary; more importantly, tech jobs aren’t exclusive to tech companies. Coronavirus may be the stimulant to turn all companies into tech companies.

Tech Jobs Exist Outside of Tech

Tech companies need people in human resources and business planning, just like non-tech companies need data scientists and software engineers. If you have been to the doctor, grocery store, or even to 7-Eleven, you have noticed each company has an app to “enhance” your experience. Hobbyists, churches, and dog walkers all have an app you can download. Some are fun or informational, while many are a business with the aim to make money.

To make one of these apps, programs, and widgets, companies need to hire dedicated coders. These programs don’t just pop up out of nowhere; it takes months and years to build the apps you use every day. If you want to move up in your career and get a piece of the high salaries in tech, you can become a front-end developer with no degree. Front-end developers work on the customer-facing parts of apps and websites.

You Can Still Get a Tech Job

Tech jobs are so in demand that colleges and universities don’t graduate enough qualified candidates. Coding bootcamps aren’t exclusive to California; the same bootcamps are available in Atlanta. Or you can take them online wherever you live! Coronavirus and remote work might give you the extra time you need to attend a bootcamp at your own pace to change the trajectory of your career.

All industries need software engineers, from long-haul trucking to Hollywood. Companies are looking for top talent to digitize their business, and they are willing to pay for it! Demand for people with coding skills is increasing across all job sectors.

Not only could you work in any industry, but you could also work from home. Companies are looking to increase their diversity by hiring remote-only employees. Remote work, spurred by work from home orders, was adopted quickly by companies. They see this as a way to reduce spending on rent and increase spending on people to get things done. As Covid-19 drives business online, companies need more people behind the scenes making sure customers can complete their purchases or use the provided services. Tech jobs are one of the most accessible jobs to complete remotely. You can learn the skills you need to become a mobile app developer with no degree.

Salaries and Remote Work

It seems, for now anyway, that remote work is here to stay. It might not be for every person or every company, but it will be a new way of working that won’t be out of the norm. Facebook is threatening to reduce salaries for people who live in cheaper areas, but this reduction won’t be a deal-breaker. Tech workers are highly paid; part of the reason the average salary for tech workers is so high is that so many live in California, the Bay Area to be specific. The cost of living in California is astronomically higher than any other part of the country and many places in the world.

Even those tech workers who don’t live in California are well paid. Even though the dollar amount might not look as high as Silicon Valley wages, the cost of living in Atlanta or Kansas City is much lower, meaning your dollar travels further.

Remote Work Is Here to Stay

Coronavirus is showing us the viability of remote work. Salaries of tech workers continue to be high through the downturn caused by Covid-19. So don’t miss out: get your computer science certificate today!