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The prospect of remote work has been growing exceedingly popular in this new media age of Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings.

Remote work is when a person works outside of the conventional office environment. These professionals perform their work duties without having a designated workplace assigned to them. Instead of restricting themselves to a small office, they create their own workplace, be it at home, the Starbucks half a mile away, or virtually any place where they feel like they can concentrate.

Remote Work vs Working From Home

However, remote work—which many call the “future of work”—should not be confused with the term “working from home”. Remote work is a lifestyle, whereas working from home is (for most) a transitory situation. The key difference is that remote work—also known as telecommuting—requires the discipline to create your own workspace as opposed to bringing your work laptop home to complete any unfinished business.

Careers in Technology

The Importance of the Tech Industry

When thinking about recession-proof jobs, we think of essential workers. The first thought that came into your head when I mentioned an essential worker was probably “doctor.” However, it would be a grave misunderstanding to think it’s just the medical field that’s overflowing with essential workers.

The coronavirus is a prime example of how integral the tech industry is in modern life. The Covid-19 recession is an ongoing global economic crisis that rivals that of the Great Depression and has necessitated remote work for many individuals. A notable percentage of the workforce is now teleworking as the coronavirus has coerced corporations to evolve into more online-based businesses. Before, one could simply walk around in an Ulta Beauty outlet looking at products that were on sale. Now, the only way you can browse sales is the sales page on their website, “curbside pickups only!” Tech jobs are here to stay and are growing increasingly important by the day.

What is Computer Science?

Computer science is the study of computers and their process. It includes both software and hardware as well as networking and the Internet. The tech industry is very versatile and you’ll find that computer skills are high in demand across multiple industries. Computer science salaries, just like in any other job industry, vary depending on your degree, level of experience, and position. According to Indeed.com, some of the highest paying computer science jobs are programmer analyst (with a national average salary of $71,666 per year), technical support engineer ($72,224 per year), and e-commerce business analyst (with a salary of $74,919 per year).

Remote Work and Tech Jobs

Many dream of a high-paying job in the tech industry and one of the perks is being able to do it remotely, which would allow for a flexible work schedule and a great work-life balance. This dream is becoming a reality as many tech companies are adapting to the coronavirus era by going 100 percent remote. Major companies in the tech industry like Twitter and Facebook have already declared that they will allow their employees to work remotely from now—if they choose to do so. No rule dictates that one must only code from the inside of their office cubicles. The attractiveness of remote tech jobs stems from the fact that it allows for flexibility.

Tech Salaries vs Coronavirus

Tech jobs are on the rise regardless of coronavirus. However, due to their remote nature, tech salaries are changing. Companies are seeking to be as frugal as possible during the Covid-19 economic crisis. Moreover, the job market is uncertain during these trying times. It makes sense that salaries for jobs in the tech industry are going down. You can now get a tech job without leaving your hometown. Since the cost of living goes down companies find it reasonable to lower salaries for remote tech jobs.

Even so, those in the tech industry earn higher than the average employee. It’s clear there is still a bright ray of hope for those with computer science skills.

Boot camps

Work isn’t the only great remote opportunity you can take advantage of. Learning has also become remote, with instructors offering Zoom classes. Getting employment in the tech industry is a more attainable goal than you imagine. There are online coding bootcamps for data science, sales, software engineering, and web development. You’ll never regret learning computer science skills no matter what the future brings!