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While videos of cats have been around the Internet – and social media in particular – forever, it is companies who stand to benefit most of the medium.

Animated videos boost online engagement and web traffic due to the visual, auditory and emotional factors. These videos are simple, easy to retain, quick and involve fewer production costs. As a social media strategy, animated videos give you quality, lets you autoplay the newsfeed video, and are a great source for personal data inclusion. Such videos are short and can be played on different media. In other words, there are endless possibilities with animated videos.

The following infographic by Digital Prismart explains how videos can help your company stand out on social media in 2020.

Social media video infographic | Istomedia web database and multimedia design - σχεδίαση ιστοσελίδων, βάσεις δεδομένων, πολυμέσα