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Maybe business is booming for you — healthy sales, more customers than you can handle. That’s great! But to stay ahead of your competition, it’s important to think about how you can innovate and prepare for the future. 

Investing in the newest thing can be dangerous. For one thing, new technology can put a pretty big dent in your small business’s bank account, and it’s unclear whether that new technology is here to stay or just the newest fad. 

Of course, no one has a crystal ball, but there are a number of emerging trends that are likely to take hold among small businesses in the near future. 

For example, in the technology space, some small business owners are providing their employees (or themselves) with wearable devices that track heart rates and steps. The idea here is that a more active lifestyle goes a long way toward increasing your business’s overall productivity. 

Or, take the emerging cultural trend of working remotely. About 70% of the global labor force works remotely at least once a week. If your small business is not offering flexible working options, it might be time to innovate in order to stay relevant. 

Fundera compiled 15 ways you can prepare your small business for the future — technologically, eco-logically, and culturally. Check them out below:

Best ways to prepare your small business for the future

Source: Fundera