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Serpwatch recently posted a nice Infographic which sums up the latest trends for a successful digital marketing campaign. Some trends are well known and established. No one will blink twice if they heard that LinkedIn remains a more effective B2B social media platform or that Google continues to dominate internet search traffic.

Others, like the fact that 72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles, are more eyebrow-raising.

And some, like the fact that almost half of Americans will check their phone before even getting out of bed, are downright spooky!

Here is the infographic. You can also check out this ultimate beginner’s guide to digital marketing that covers pretty much everything someone who is new to the digital marketing scene would want to know, and this in-depth guide to using AI in email marketing. For a more recent guide, check out The Guerilla Agency’s Guide to Digital Marketing Trends for 2021.

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