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This is a guest post by Ilan Nass of Taktical Digital

Tips & Tricks to Get More From Your Facebook Advertising Budget

Facebook mobile | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's bookFacebook is the world’s largest social media network, and that means that it offers some of the best online marketing opportunities available. While this large potential audience is great, you have to consider the fact that your advertising content is in competition with the more than 5 million advertisers on Facebook.

It’s not enough to simply have a Facebook page and post some ads; you have to find ways to make your ads attractive and make the most of the opportunities that are available. One option is to partner with an experienced Facebook advertising firm that knows the ins and outs of the social media platform. Here are a few additional tips for advertisers that are looking to get a better return from their Facebook advertising budgets.

Skip the Call To Action

The CTA button is probably one of the most heavily analyzed advertising elements in digital marketing. While there are some ads in which a CTA button is required, it is not necessarily true for every campaign. If the CTA button does not fit neatly within the overall strategy of the campaign or the intention of the specific ad, you should not feel obligated to include one.

There is good reason to consider leaving the CTA button out when it is not vital to the ad. Including one will make the content easily identifiable as advertising. When you remove the CTA, it will look more like the native content on the site. Since users are more likely to pay attention to native content, this can be a good way to get them to give your ad more time.

Creative Punctuation

Facebook book marketing | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books

Photo by http://offers.hubspot.com/science-of-facebook-marketing

Facebook doesn’t allow formatting elements like bold print and underlining in advertising content. For advertisers who want specific areas of text to stand out, this leaves few options. To work around this limitation, you could use distinct punctuation as a way to make parts of your ad’s text stand out.

One way to do this is to simply put brackets around the text you would like to highlight. You could also consider catching the eye with something like arrows, the backslash, or hyphens. The idea is to use the punctuation in ways that will draw attention to the text that is most important.

Messenger Ad Placement

When you advertise on Facebook, you also have opportunities to market on Messenger. This is newer ad real estate. It offers previously unexplored opportunities for brands that are trying to reach customers on mobile devices.

The Messenger ads show up right on the user’s home screen. With less content on the screen, your ads will face less competition for attention. In addition to that, you have unique options like building ads that direct the user to a Messenger conversation.

Increase Engagement with Emojis

Emojis may seem silly, but they can work to help your ad content get more attention from potential customers. Research has shown that posts with emojis get more likes, comments, and shares. This makes sense because Facebook is a social platform, and emojis are a part of how people virtually communicate with their friends.

When you use emojis in your ads, you are making your content similar to the content people get from their community. If you are looking for a simple way to boost engagement with your Facebook ads, including carefully placed emojis might be the answer.

Instagram Ads

When you advertise on Facebook, you also have access to advertising space on Instagram. As its own distinct platform, Instagram comes with a new range of advertising opportunities. You have the standard Instagram ads that show up in the user’s feed, and you also have Instagram stories. The best part is that you can create these ads from your Facebook business page, so it is very easy to get started.

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