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We can design and develop an array of games for distribution either through the Internet or via CD, or even via mobile phone. We have developed dozens of games for our clients. We can either develop a custom game from scratch, or customize one of our games for your needs, e.g. by adding your logo and company colours etc. We can also customize anything else a company may require, e.g. items to resemble items produced by the company, etc.

You may play some of our games using the links below, as long as  Flash is enabled on your browser:

Ready-made Games

Custom Games

  • Feta Invaders is an example of a custom game developed for use in the website of feta. Through the game, people are taught the production technology of feta cheese. This game is consistently the most popular part of the website.
  • CheeseNet’s website, features Ulysses’ attempt to escape from Cyclop Polyfimus’ cave.

Environmental studies for children CD

Istomedia has developed an Environmental studies for children CD (in Greek only) to serve as extra material for the respective lesson taught to children at school during the first four elementary classes. Based on that material, our CD includes dozens of games, self-evaluation tests and hundreds of photos to educate children in a fun, interactive and intelligent way. Following the structure of the school courses, it is ideal as a school supplement; however, it is also great for helping any child better understand environmental issues.

A free version of the CD was distributed by “Ethnos” newspaper in Hune 2007, with great success.

Please note that the games and self-evaluations tests can also be found on the Environmental studies for children CD. CDs can be found in shops for €29, but cal also be ordered directly from us for €10.